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General Education Program

General Education at Wayne State University is much more than just credits to “get out of the way.” Instead, students find that these courses become an invaluable part of their growth as a person. General Education courses provide a broad educational foundation including the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in a career and in life. In these courses, students learn about the ideas and values that shape our world. They also strengthen their communication skills, develop math skills, and enhance their ability to grapple with different ideas, cultures and ways to solve problems.  

The General Education Oversight Committee was developed to offer periodic review and improvement of the General Education Program. Changes are ongoing and the most up-to-date source for information about requirements is available for students and faculty in the current undergraduate bulletin. To understand the goals behind different requirements, please refer to the Guidelines for Undergraduate Education. You also can read the proposal made to the Board of Governors in favor of the current program for General Education.