Policy on Emeritus and Emerita Appointments

The title Emeritus or Emerita may be granted to any tenured member of the faculty, full-time non-tenure-track faculty member (Clinical or Research), or academic staff holding tenure or Employment Security Status who retires after at least ten (10) years of employment at Wayne State University. Emeritus appointments are recommended by appropriate faculty or academic staff committees (normally those responsible for tenure and Employment Security Status) via the Department Chair and Dean. Chairs and Deans may provide an independent review and recommendation and the Dean shall forward all materials to the Provost. Following review, the granting of Emeritus/Emerita status must be approved by the Provost. In making recommendations for the title, consideration is given to the individual's overall contributions to the University and his/her accomplishments as a member of the faculty/academic staff.

Emeritus ranks involve no duties and provide no stipend. As long as it is feasible to grant them, all persons holding emeritus rank shall have the following rights and privileges in the University:

  1. Their names shall be listed in the University Bulletin and on the unit web page.
  2. They shall have the library and parking privileges of the regular faculty and academic staff.
  3. They shall have access to the University email system.
  4. They shall receive appropriate University mailings and electronic messages which are directed to all members of the faculty.
  5. They shall be given a University One Card that indicates their status as Emeritus or Emerita.
  6. They shall be entitled to attend all appropriate faculty social and honorary functions.
  7. They shall be entitled to the privileges of the University dining facilities, bookstore, and ticket office.
  8. They shall receive other feasible courtesies and privileges which may include, but are not limited to, office or lab space, if available, the use of other research facilities, and the ability to participate in applications for extramural funding with approval by the dean and provost.

With the approval of the Provost, a unit may add criteria or privileges as part of their Bylaws, but may not reduce the minimum criteria or privileges in this policy.

Revised March, 2016