General Education Petition

The General Education Petition process is available for students who are seeking a waiver or substitution for a university level General Education requirement. In order to submit a waiver with regard to General Education Requirements, students must:

  1. Meet with either (a) an advisor to review this form and discuss your case or (b) a Disability Specialist in the Student Disability Services office to discuss supporting documentation if you are a student registered with SDS or if you suspect you might have a disability that is relevant to this petition. If a disability pertinent to this petition can be documented, SDS will act as the advisor for this petition.
  2. Complete the fields and sign this form with your advisor or Disability Specialist who will complete the form. Your advisor will inform you of the disposition of your appeal by mail or email.
  3. Advisors: Attach form and supporting documentation to email. Send email to

NOTE: Petition requests must be sent in through email with signatures (please see directions on page 2 on how to sign document). Oral requests are not accepted. All information regarding your petition, including the decision regarding your waiver, is private information. Therefore, information about the waiver will not be given out over the phone.   

General Education Petition Form (fillable pdf)