Student Success, Operational Excellence

The purpose of the SSOE team is to generate trust, understanding, confidence and goodwill to foster change that is more sustainable, scalable and enduring.

SSOE helps to shape and operationalize the overarching Student Success strategy and vision by:

  • Managing the portfolio of Student Success projects.
  • Deepening and facilitating collaboration with all Student Success stakeholders across campus; developing strategy partnerships.
  • Deepening and supporting the role of faculty with regard to undergraduate student success.
  • Expanding the use of data and predictive analytics to offer more proactive support to students, through the development and management of dashboards.
  • Developing action teams and plans to support schools, colleges and academic units in boosting student momentum toward degree completion.
  • Developing effective and appropriate evaluation and assessment practices for Student Success programs, projects, strategies and interventions.
  • Developing branding and marketing strategies for Student Success.
  • Developing more awareness through the development of Student Success resources, campaigns, reports, publications and events.


Meet Our Staff

Picture of Darryl Gardner


Darryl Gardner, PhD
Student Success, Operational Excellence

Picture of Douglass Davis


Douglass Davis
Administrative Assistant I
Student  Success, Operational Excellence

Picture of Matthew Orr


Matthew Orr
Program Coordinator - UROP
Student Success, Operational Excellence


Picture of Dennis Schwartz


Dennis Schwartz
Program Management Specialist
Student Success, Operational Excellence

Picture of Ken Smith


Ken Smith
Business Process & Intel Specialist
Student Success, Operational Excellence