Student Success Collaborative

The Student Success Collaborative is an outgrowth of the work that came together quickly in March 2020 in response to the pandemic. That effort, Student Success Continuity and Learn Anywhere project, coordinated the transition of many student academic support programs and academic advisors in to the remote an online environment. The effort also included direct outreach to students and development of materials to support student learning in the remote and online environment.  The project was sponsored by Senior Associate Provost for Student Success, Monica Brookmeyer, and managed by Darryl Gardner and the Student Success Operational Excellence team. Six working groups were deployed to develop resources for students, faculty, and staff to support the transition to remote and online instruction. With nearly 150 members of campus engaged in the project, the six working groups were: (01) continuity planning team, (02) staff professional development team, (03) staff resource webpage team, (04) Learn Anywhere webpage team, (05) real‐time response team and (06) inclusive excellence action team.  By the end of summer, more than 20 small initiatives were launched.  

This way of partnering proved so effective and rewarding in the remote crisis environment that we resolved to build upon it to support student success collaborations during AY 2020‐2021.


  • To promote greater cooperation and collaboration among all university members and groups providing academic advising, student academic support, student engagement, and other student success programs.
  • To respond rapidly to the changing needs of students, especially in light of the current crisis.
  • To provide resources and outreach to students and other members of the campus to support student success.
  • To create opportunities for members of the campus engaged in student success to support and learn from each other.
  • To monitor and learn from the implementation of projects and collaborations undertaken within the collaboration.
  • To foster a culture of equity‐mindedness and student success.


Team Status Start Date End Date
Inclusive Excellence Ongoing 2020/09/07  
Ecosystem Monitoring Ongoing 2020/09/07  
Get Involved Virtually Ongoing 2020/11/18  
HLC Action Ongoing 2020/11/18  
Student Learning Ongoing 2020/09/07  
Student Applications Ongoing 2020/09/07  
Student Strong Start Monitoring & Outreach Ongoing 2020/09/07  
Entry - Momentum Year Ongoing 2020/09/07  
Graduation Action Ongoing 2020/09/07  

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