Faculty Development and Faculty Success

Our Mission:

Faculty and academic staff success includes the achievement of faculty and staff persons' valued personal and professional goals to create and advance knowledge, prepare a diverse student body to thrive, and make a positive impact on local and global communities. The mission of the Office of Faculty Development and Faculty Success is to promote and celebrate Wayne State University faculty and academic staff success by developing and offering a holistic array of professional and leadership development, mentoring, and recognition programs for all faculty and academic staff.

Some of the values that underlie this mission include:

  • Faculty and academic staff success fosters student success; student success fosters faculty and staff success; both contribute to institutional and community success

  • Success does not occur in a vacuum: Collaboration with faculty, staff, chairs, deans, Provost's Office is essential when creating/delivering programming

  • Respect for disciplinary differences

  • Respect for values of the individual faculty and staff member (individualized development strategies)

  • Inclusivity and equity in approach and practice

  • Strength-based vs. deficit-based approach

  • Assessment is essential to evaluate program effectiveness

  • Community/sense of belonging is essential to succeed

  • Faculty and academic staff must be empowered to succeed at every level of the institution

  • Holistic approach to faculty and academic staff success (i.e., faculty success is not measured solely by research output)

  • Growth and development occur across the academic lifespan of faculty and staff members and across different institutional roles