The Provost is the chief academic officer at Wayne State University and is responsible for all faculty matters, including hiring and promotion and tenure; issues concerning the instructional mission of the university;  student performance and retention; and academic personnel policies and decisions, among other duties. The Provost oversees Wayne State’s 13 schools and colleges and their respective deans.

The Principle of Charity

Why should we give people the benefit of the doubt when assessing their arguments, instead of setting up "straw men" (or "straw persons")? John Corvino explains the principle of charity. Dr. John Corvino is a speaker, writer, philosophy professor, and Dean of the Irvin D. Reid Honors College at Wayne State University in Detroit. Read more at http://JohnCorvino.com. John Corvino's Better Argument series was filmed at Wayne State University by James Wright and Mayabeth Jagosz, with funding from the American Philosophical Association.

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