Academic Program Review

The Office of Academic Program Review (APR) & Accreditation is committed to fulfilling the university's mission of scholarly inquiry, student success, and community engagement through regular and rigorous assessment of our academic programs. Driven by a commitment to academic excellence, equity, and innovation, we foster a collaborative environment that integrates self-study and peer-led evaluations as essential components of our comprehensive program review process.

Academic Program Review (APR) is a process that assesses the quality of scholarship, teaching, scientific inquiry, and community enrichment across the University. APR ensures academic excellence through program-driven periodic evaluation of strengths and weaknesses. Through APR, programs are encouraged to engage in critical reflection, self-assessment, and identification of areas for improvement. This is followed by peer-led evaluations, where faculty members and experts provide constructive feedback and guidance.

We aim to help the campus community view the APR and accreditation processes as supportive and beneficial practices to ensure program enhancement, rather than “box checking” activities for compliance. By offering guidance, resources, and expertise, we help programs meet the rigorous standards of their respective fields, strengthening the overall quality and recognition of our academic programs.

The Academic Program Review Process:

  • Helps maintain high-quality programs by centering data-informed decision making and utilizing metrics, evidence, and best practices to refine programs.
  • Facilitates productive collaboration among university programs, departments, and colleagues from other universities.
  • Encourages continuous improvement, including highlighting program strengths and identifying opportunities for change.
  • Reaffirms the alignment between the mission of each program and the university's overall mission, ensuring cohesion.
  • Promotes innovation and adaptation, allowing programs to stay current with educational trends and industry developments.
  • Ensures accountability by including multiple stakeholders in the evaluation process, fostering a culture of openness and transparency.

Conducting regular academic programs reviews is required by the WSU Board of Governors and the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The Wayne State University Board of Governors statute governing Academic Program Review, 2.43.02, can be found here. HLC Criterion 4.A.1. on program review can be found here.