General Education Program

The university's mission is to create knowledge and prepare a diverse body of students to excel in an increasingly complex and global society. What does it mean to be a Wayne State graduate?  What skills, knowledge, experiences, and competencies are integral to the Wayne State Community in the 21st century?

The answers to these questions are at the heart of general education.  The General Education Program serves as a foundation for academic achievement, prepares students to participate effectively in a competitive global economy and to contribute as citizens in a diverse and engaged democracy. General Education presents a unique and powerful opportunity to develop the skills necessary for long-term academic success.  

More information about the General Education Program can be found in the Guidelines for Undergraduate Education and the current undergraduate bulletin provides details about specific courses included in the program.   The General Education program is established by the Board of Governors and oversight is provided by the General Education Oversight Committee.  The General Education Reform Committee has been charged with reviewing the current program and proposing a revision; their progress can be found at