General Education Oversight Committee

The General Education Implementation Committee and the University-wide Educational Adjustment Committee were replaced by the General Education Oversight Committee, starting in fall 2005. The committee is charged (2.43.230) with making recommendations to the President or her/his designee for the implementation and review of the General Education curriculum. The committee meetings will resume in Fall 2020. The committee is representative of the University community as a whole and responsible for the following:

  • Reviewing and evaluating all courses proposed for satisfying the various General Education requirements.
  • Monitoring all facets of general education for the purpose of assuring that the courses have consistent goals, with clearly delineated learning outcomes that are assessed appropriately.
  • Receiving and evaluating all reports required of departments and/or colleges in conjunction with implementing the various requirements of the General Education Program.
  • Encouraging and promoting the goals of general education at Wayne State University and to assure that all students experience a meaningful and rigorous program of general education.
  • Submitting an annual report to the Provost and the Curriculum and Instruction Committee of the Academic Senate. The report will address the assessment of the learning outcomes of the program and recommendations for program improvements.
  • GEOC Operating Guidelines and Definitions (PDF)

Membership of the General Education Oversight Committee (GEOC)


  • Darin Ellis, Provost's Office
  • Jennifer Hart, History, nominated GEOC faculty member

Terms expiring in August 2021

  • Jennifer Olmsted, Associate Professor, Art and Art History, Fine, Performing and Communication Arts
  • Justine Gortney, Associate Professor-Clinical, Pharmacy Practice, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
  • Erik Carter, Assistant Professor-Clinical, Nursing
  • Jeff Pruchnic, Associate Professor, English, Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Catherine Lebiedzik, Associate Professor, Mathematics, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Terms expiring in August 2022

  • Jennifer Hart, Associate Professor, History, Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Jeffrey Grynaviski, Associate Professor, Political Science, Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Mahendra Kavdia, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering
  • Santanu Mitra, Professor, Accounting, Mike Ilitch School of Business

Terms expiring in August 2023

  • Anne Duggan, Professor, Classical and Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Mary T. Rodgers, Professor, Chemistry, Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Billicia Hines, Assistant Professor, Theatre and Dance, Fine, Performing and Communication Arts
  • Asli Ozgun-Koca, Professor, Teacher Education, Education
  • Norma Schropshire, Lecturer, Social Work


  • Veronica Bielat, Information Sciences
  • Farhana Aktar, Student Senate
  • Thomas Fischer, Psychology, Academic Senate Faculty Rep
  • Jessica Greenwald, Communication, Academic Senate Staff Rep
  • Sarah Walker, Graduate Employees Organizing Committee (GEOC/AFT)

General Education Oversight Assessment Subcommittee Members

  • Cathy Barrette, Provost's Office
  • Laura Woodward, Testing, Evaluation, and Research Services
  • Jeff Pruchnic, English
  • Jeffrey Grynaviski, Political Science

General Education Assessment Fellows 2019-2020

  • Jennifer Hart, History
  • Jeff Pruchnic, English
  • Jennifer Wareham, Criminal Justice
  • Jeffrey Grynaviski, Political Science
  • Dan Kashian, Biological Sciences
  • Erin Wiseman, CFPCA

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