Testing, Waivers, and Substitutions

Testing for General Education Courses

Wayne State provides support for students wishing to test out of a requirement.

Students who are interested in testing for General Education courses should contact their advisor and review the information on the Testing, Evaluation, and Research Services website.

  1. General updates about testing during the coronavirus pandemic are posted at this link: https://testing.wayne.edu/testing/coronavirus
  2. CLEP Testing alternatives are available from departments. Advisors will be asked to vouch for a student before they may register to take these exams. Students will contact them with a request to indicate to their departmental contact that they need to take a test for graduation or placement purposes this semester. Details are available at this link: https://testing.wayne.edu/creditbyexam
  3. Information about new Math/Quantitative Experience testing options is available here: https://testing.wayne.edu/register/math-placement-exam

Please email the Testing Office for questions at testing@wayne.edu.

General Education Testing Guide

Wayne Experience (WE)

Wayne Experience (WE) will be automatically waived if a student transfers a minimum of 24 credits to WSU. Advanced Placement (AP) tests, International Baccalaureate (IB) tests, CLEP exams, High School Dual Enrollment, and Early/Middle College do not count towards waiving WE.

General Education Petition

The General Education Petition process is available for students who are seeking a waiver or substitution for a university-level General Education requirement.

Students may wish to seek a waiver or substitution for a General Education requirement if they feel that they have met the requirement in question through a rigorously documented alternative means.  This can include transfer course substitutions that demonstrably and verifiably meet the learning outcomes for the requirement in question.  Students should be aware that exceptions are rare.

In order to submit a waiver with regard to General Education Requirements, we recommend the following:

  1. Students: Meet with either (a) an advisor to review the General Education Petition Form and discuss your case or (b) a Disability Specialist in the Student Disability Services office to discuss supporting documentation if you are a student registered with SDS or if you suspect you might have a disability that is relevant to this petition. If a disability pertinent to this petition can be documented, SDS will act as the advisor for this petition.
  2. Advisors: Complete the form and attach all supporting documentation by following the link below. Advisors will inform the student of the disposition of the appeal by email. Please check this site for updates in regards to new general education requirements: 
  3. Submit ONE form per student. The form allows advisors to choose up to 8 gen ed requirements (add additional waivers in the reason box below the explanation box). The form also allows up to 5 attachments.

General Education Petition Form

*Attaching syllabi, copies of course descriptions, or direct links can expedite the process. 

Additional Information for General Education Petition Forms

  • Petition requests must be submitted through the form.  Oral requests are not accepted.
  • All information regarding the student's petition, including the decision regarding the waiver, is private information. Therefore, information about the waiver will not be given out over the phone.   
  • You can explore data via interactive visualizations for General Education Petitions

Please contact R. Darin Ellis, Associate Provost at rdellis@wayne.edu for questions.

Watch a step-by-step video on how to complete the General Education Petition Form:

General Education Petition Guide