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With the assistance of faculty and academic staff, the Office of the Provost has gathered resources to enable faculty and academic staff to seek out high-quality mentors and to serve as committed mentors. In this section, you will find a number of resources to get you started. We will continue to build out this section of the website to describe other efforts to support effective faculty/staff mentoring practices.

Writing Accountability Groups

Writing Accountability Groups (WAGs) are small groups of scholars who support each other's writing and scholarly, creative, or research goals. WAGs work by creating accountability for your writing, enhancing a sense of belonging, and improving your motivation. WAGs typically consist of 3-5 people who meet once per week, in person or virtually, for one hour to report on their weekly goals and set goals for the future. WAG members help problem-solve time-management or other challenges that arise and celebrate the achievement of milestones. Some WAGs also spend time writing (in silence) together, but this is not necessary for a successful WAG.

a person writes while tracking progress on their smartphoneWith the help of C&IT, the Provost's office is happy to introduce the Writing Warriors app. Designed to help you with your writing goals, with tools for personal accountability: a writing timer and a space to enter and check off goals so you can keep a log and be accountable to yourself, and tools for external accountability: if you add friends and colleagues to encourage you and keep you on track, Writing Warriors can also function as an electronic Writing Accountability Group (WAG).

Check out the instructions and join us in the Writing Warriors app today! Please note: The office of the Provost and C&IT will never collect any personally identifying data from this app.

Additional resources

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