Professional Leaves

2021-22 Academic Staff Professional Development Release Time

Article XIII.B.3 of the WSU/AAUP-AFT contract provides in part as follows:

"Upon presentation of an appropriate project for professional development, and with the approval of the unit administrator, an Academic Staff member is entitled to up to one (1) day of released time per week for up to fifteen (15) weeks per calendar year. Failure to approve the project is not grievable. There shall be no more than seven percent (7%) of the academic staff approved for professional development leaves in any calendar year. The process shall be done on an annual basis at the same time as the sabbatical leave process."

More information on requests for released time during academic year 2021-22 will be shared later this Fall. Please check back soon for additional details.

2022-23 Sabbatical Leave of Absence Guidelines

More information on sabbatical leaves for academic year 2022-23 will be shared later this Fall. Please check back soon for additional details.

Language from the AAUP-AFT Collective Bargaining Agreement (Article XIII.B.2)

Sabbatical Leave Eligibility

  • Dependent upon the type of sabbatical leave requested (Section B.2.f.1), an applicant shall have served at least six (6) or twelve (12) semesters of regular full-time contractual employment in the bargaining unit since his/her initial appointment to academic-staff or faculty classifications or since a previous sabbatical leave. The elapsed semesters need not be consecutive, but no more than two (2) semesters shall be counted for any one (1) academic year.

Sabbatical Salary Support

  • One (1) semester following twelve (12) semesters of service = 100% Salary Support for Faculty | 80% Salary Support for Academic Staff
  • Two (2) semesters following twelve (12) semesters of service = 60% Salary Support
  • One (1) semester following six (6) semesters of service = 80% Salary Support

Procedures to Change/Defer Sabbatical Leaves

Faculty may defer their approval sabbatical leave requests up to one (1) academic year without having to submit a new application.

Procedures to request a sabbatical deferral:

  • Complete and submit a deferral request form with your rationale to your department chair (or immediate supervisor) for approval. Be sure to include the semester you would take your sabbatical leave.
  • The Department Chair (or immediate supervisor) should forward approved requests to the Dean's Office for approval
  • Lastly, the Dean's Office will submit the deferral request to the Provost's Office (email Boris Baltes or Jake Wilson) for final approval

Any additional questions should be forwarded to Jake Wilson.