Wayne Med-Direct scholarship

Growing up, my parents always encouraged me to not only be a United States citizen, but a global citizen. This idea inspired me to become a physician because doctors are the first line of defense for treating health disparities throughout communities. I know that Wayne Med-Direct program will give me the skills I need to fulfill my goals of being a global citizen and helping people from all walks of life achieve better health.                                                                      -Leah Warren-Wayne Med-Direct cohort 2017

Wayne State University established the Wayne Med-Direct Scholarship to support deserving students who commit to complete both their undergraduate and medical school education at the university. The Wayne Med-Direct Scholarship includes two individual scholarships, the Undergraduate Scholarship and the WSUSOM Scholarship.

Wayne Med-Direct Undergraduate scholarship

The Undergraduate scholarship consists of an amount equal to the cost of the student's:

  1. full-time undergraduate tuition and fees for the fall and winter semesters,
  2. applicable undergraduate tuition and fees for the spring and summer semesters,
  3. undergraduate room and board in university housing for the fall, winter, spring and summer semesters.

If a student receives a Pell grant, the Undergraduate scholarship is reduced in the amount of the grant. However, Pell-eligible students receive a book scholarship of $500 each fall and winter semester.

The combination of all financial aid cannot exceed a student's financial aid budget.

To remain eligible for the Undergraduate scholarship, a student must, for each award year, meet these requirements.

  1. File an annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and complete all requirements.
  2. Be enrolled and maintain good standing in Wayne State University Irvin D. Reid Honors College.
  3. Pursue a major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and follow the pre-medicine track of coursework.
  4. Be enrolled as a full-time student (i.e., at least 15 credit hours per semester) in the fall and winter semesters unless fewer than 15 credit hours is approved by the Program Coordinator before the end of previous semester.
  5. Complete all the requirements set forth by the Med-Direct program curriculum including the Learning Community Seminar requirement.

To be awarded the Undergraduate scholarship for four consecutive years, a student must also satisfy these academic progress requirements.

  1. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 at the end of each semester the student is registered and taking classes.
  2. Cumulative and semester GPAs will be evaluated at the end of every semester. If the cumulative GPA is below 3.5 or if the semester GPA is below 3.0 at the end of any semester (except the last semester before graduation), student will be required to participate in the Wayne Med Direct Probation Program during the next academic semester. The purpose of probation is to assist the student to raise their cumulative GPA to 3.5 by the conclusion of the Undergraduate Term. The Student will be required to enter a probation contract and eligibility for further Undergraduate Scholarship awards will be evaluated at the end of the probationary semester. If the student's semester GPA is below 3.5 in the probationary semesteror if the student failed to completely participate in the probationary programming as outlined in the probation contract, the student may be deemed ineligible for further Undergraduate Scholarship awards. Student may be allowed no more than three probationary semesters.

Wayne Med-Direct Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSUSOM) scholarship

The WSUSOM scholarship consists of full-time Wayne State University School of Medicine tuition and fees for four consecutive years of medical school education.

To receive the WSUSOM scholarship, a student must meet the following award criteria.

  1. Maintain Undergraduate Scholarship eligibility at the end of all semesters the student is registered and taking classes and a 3.5 cumulative undergraduate GPA at the end of the last semester of the Undergraduate Term.
  2. Obtain a B.S. or B.A. degree from the University at the completion of Student's Undergraduate Term.
  3. Complete the WSUSOM process for applying for admission to the medical doctor (M.D.) program no later than the junior year.
  4. Successfully complete the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) with a score no less than the 70th percentile. (updated 9/15/2021)
  5. Be admitted to the WSUSOM M.D. program

To remain eligible to receive the WSUSOM scholarship for four consecutive years during medical school, a student must be enrolled at WSUSOM as a regular M.D. student and satisfy all of WSUSOM's academic and professional standards as determined by the WSUSOM promotions committee.

Frequently asked questions

  • I receive the Pell grant. Why am I not getting it as a refund?

    If a student receives a Pell grant, it will be applied to cover the student's cost of attendance, so the Undergraduate Scholarship will be reduced in the amount of the grant. As a result, Pell recipients will not receive the Pell grant money as a refund to them.

    However, Pell grant eligible students will receive a book scholarship in the amount of $500 each fall and winter semester to cover the cost of books.

    Please note that combination of all financial aid cannot exceed student's financial aid budget.

  • I have met the first four WSUSOM Scholarship Award Criteria; the fifth requirement is admission to the WSUSOM M.D. program. Under what circumstances might I not be granted admission to the program and therefore become ineligible to receive the scholarship?

    If the School of Medicine admission committee identifies a serious issue (i.e. history of unprofessional behavior of the student in academic and/or social settings, serious concerns in undergraduate academic progress, failure to complete Wayne Med-Direct program requirements etc.), it has the sole authority to decide that the student cannot be admitted to the School of Medicine M.D. program. In such event, the student will not meet the fifth requirement listed above, and therefore cannot be awarded the WSUSOM scholarship.

  • What are the undergraduate room and board options offered by the Wayne Med-Direct Undergraduate Scholarship?

    Wayne Med-Direct Undergraduate Scholarship offers room and board to Wayne Med-Direct students in university housing for the fall, winter, spring and summer semesters during the four years of their undergraduate term. All Wayne Med-Direct students must live in university housing during their undergraduate term and there is no option to commute. All housing and meal plan options will not be available to students to choose from.

    Available housing options in fall and winter semesters are: All students will stay at Towers Residential Suites and be assigned to D or F suites. In the spring/summer semesters, students will be assigned to available housing spaces on campus.

    Available meal plan options in fall and winter semesters are: First-year students can choose from Warrior Pass 200, Weekly 15 + 400, and Block 175 + 550 meal plans. Second, third and fourth-year students can choose from Warrior Pass 200, Weekly 15 + 400, Block 175 + 550 and Block 110 + 550 meal plans. In spring/summer semesters, students will receive an applicable meal plan which offers a combination of Warrior Dollars and meal swipes.