Welcome to the Wayne Med-Direct website. We are a unique B.S./B.A. to M.D. program that admits 10 students each year to Wayne State University's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and creates a pipeline for admission to Wayne State's School of Medicine. We emphasize on mentoring and training of our scholars to become leaders in the medical community determined to reduce urban health disparities in their communities. During undergraduate studies, Wayne Med-Direct scholars have the opportunity to volunteer, engage in patient care and participate in research. They also learn about health disparities and become a part of the School of Medicine community, leading to Wayne State's M.D. program.

New admission information for fall 2022

Summary of program benefits

  • Admission to College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Irvin D. Reid Honors College
  • Admission to School of Medicine upon satisfaction of mandatory requirements*
  • Four years of paid undergraduate tuition*
  • Four years of paid undergraduate room and board in university housing*
  • Four years of paid School of Medicine tuition*
  • Participation in specially designed pre-freshman summer program
  • Cutting-edge research and field experiences with renowned faculty mentors
  • Participation in curricular enhancements such as community service and clinical experiences
  • Participation in a Learning Community focused on leadership training and health disparities education 
  • Dedicated academic advising, MCAT preparation help, and medical school application support 

*Fulfillment of admission requirements and scholarship award criteria applies.

I want to be an infectious disease physician because I am incredibly fascinated by the interaction of life forms, human and bacterial or viral, especially in the development of resistant strains and finding new ways to combat them. With this specialty, my career aspirations are to work in developing nations, training native doctors and learning from traditional medicine to empower people with medical education to serve their community in a more sustainable fight against global health disparities. -Julia Chase-Wayne Med-Direct cohort 2017