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New Course and Course Change Proposals

A course form can be initiated at any point during the year. When choosing an effective term, proposers should consider how new courses and course revisions will affect current students and the curriculum in general.

The course form is available at

The following fields are required on all course forms:

  • Effective term
  • Subject area and number
  • Academic level (you must designate one primary level, even if the course is available to multiple levels)
  • The title, description, and credit
  • Syllabus upload

Prerequisites and restrictions must be enforceable in Banner. If a prerequisite or restriction is not available in Banner, it will not be included in the course record. Additionally, prerequisite coursework should include a designated minimum grade. If this is not included, default grades will be assigned (D- for undergraduate courses and C for graduate courses).

If a course is designated as an equivalent, all course data for each course must match. The only exceptions are the subject, number, department, and college.

When filling out the form, look for help bubbles. These will provide answers to general questions.

The course form provides the ability to search for any course that has ever been active in Banner under the current course numbering system. Users can use the form to deactivate or reinstate courses.

In-progress proposals can be saved without being submitted to workflow. The review process will not begin until the "Start Workflow" button has been selected. All course workflows must include the following steps:

  • Department chair (where applicable)
  • Dean's office
  • Provost's Office (undergraduate, professional, and split-level)
  • GEOC (General Education Designation)
  • Graduate School (graduate)
  • Board of Governors (For new or discontinued programs)

Additional steps can be added to the workflow by request.

Workflow is managed through a series of automated emails from the Course Records address. Each email will include links to the proposal and the approver's approval queue. During the review process, all users can visit the course form home page to view workflow progress.

All questions about this form should be directed to

Course Material Fee Information DUE: December 15, 2023