Senior staff

Monica Brockmeyer Associate Provost Student Success
Marquita Chamblee Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer
R. Darin Ellis Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
Ahmad Ezzeddine Associate Vice President for Educational Outreach and International Programs, Senior Associate to the President for Strategic Planning and Special Initiatives
Daren Hubbard Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice President, Computing and Information Technology
Celeste Lezuch Assistant Vice President for Academic Administration
Ambika Mathur Dean of the Graduate School, Associate Provost for Scientific Training Workforce Development and Diversity
Dawn Medley Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Mathew Ouellett Associate Provost and Director of Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL)
David Strauss Dean of Students
John D. Vander Weg Associate Provost for Academic Personnel
Keith Whitfield Provost

Support Staff

Sharon Almeranti
Senior Budget Analyst
(313) 577-2193

Margaret Butler
Secretary to Provost
(313) 577-2201

Amy Cooper
Program Coordinator for Learning Communities
(313) 577-2254

Marlena Frontera
Assistant to Associate Provost R. Darin Ellis
(313) 577-0167

Isabel Gutierrez
Academic Personnel Officer
(313) 577-2003

Rebecca Journigan
Project Coordinator, Educational Outreach and International Programs
(313) 577-8968

Matthew Orr
Program Coordinator for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program
(313) 577-9226

Petrice Paul
Manager, Academic Administration
(313) 577-2229

Jacob Wilson
Assistant to Associate Provost John D. Vander Weg

Angela Wisniewski
Secretary to Academic Senate
(313) 577-2287

Mary Wood
Confidential Assistant to the Provost

Helena Yago
Assistant to Associate Provost Marquita Chamblee
(313) 577-2312